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"The Meantime" - Our new "self-titled" (and as close to a concept as we've ever come) album. Tunes about flight, both literally and figuratively fill the spaces between songs about superman and a Gallelean assistant - both of which fly - in some respect - somewhere. AND, it all culminates in an 8 part suite about the life and death of the sun. Holy crap! Mixed by your's truly and professionally mastered by Tree Lady. You just can't let that go without checking it out. PURCHASE it at CD BABY for the real deal! Do it SOON! WHY AM I YELLING!? Check out some preliminary mixes for the new CD and some old-song-remixes on Soundclick if you like.


"The Meantime is, [in] the broadest: pure rock music. The material here runs the gamut from crunchy hard rock to acoustic balladry to expansive progressive rock, hitting many of the points in between. 4 out of 5 stars" - Mike Korn, of Music Street Journal

"Delightfully melding the intricacies of progressive rock with the familiarity of classic rock, The Meantime have plenty to offer for fans of both genres on their latest self-titled release." - Mike Degagne, of AllMusic

In all, The Meantime is a great album, full of catchy riffs, soaring harmonies, and airtight musicianship. Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5) - Reed Burnam, freelance writer/reviewer


What is Progressive Rock and is it Us?

We have been hard at work (or hardly working) on our new CD and a host of other endeavors, and blabbing that the music is, well, progressive rock. Some, and rightfully so, have questioned this assertion. There has been a lot of conjecture in search of the answer to the question of what makes Progressive rock. Their are those who say there must be orchestral instruments, who say there needs to be a jazz element, who say time signatures must change, who say there is a certain feel, that there is a certain sound, a certain vibe that makes rock progressive. We "feel" that there is more to the story. Click on the Musings tab above to read our own brand of progressive propaganda where we will hypnotize you into believing as we do or, at the very least, convince you we are insane.


Just check out the sweet cover art!

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The "previous" latest CD, pompously titled "Perfect"and pictured here is certainly still available. Over two years in the making, it's sick. It's retro. It's original. Its...

What more can be said? How about, (count 'em) sixteen original tunes and awsomely fresh artwork. How could any self-respecting individual be disappointed?

Get one. Listen and order it here

If for no other reason, buy it for the little flame dude!





An experiment is being kicked around. Slowly it's beginning to roll. Yes-like sessions with jams and riffs and controlled mayhem. A different approach for us and we like it.

Playing on VS-Planet Radio

You can now check out our music on VS-Planet radio, where "Giants" hit #1 and "Superhero" peaked at #5 on the Charts. You can listen to music from our CD, plus music from artists around the world that record on Roland VS recorders - Just like us. There is some really great music of all kinds. Check it out!


The ever-dynamic website!

We're always trying to keep our new website up and running smoothly. It is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions about the website (good or bad), we'd love to hear from you. Just send an e-mail to us at The Meantime


NOSTALGIA BABY! Looking back at the beauty that was us but still makin' the music..

They played the Indiana Show

The Meantime played an outdoor concert in Indiana Pa. The event took place in Memorial Park. Nick Funyak joined us on drums and and some of the cool kids showed up for the gig. Very nice indeed. Photos are to be aded to the pages.

We played the cool places.

Laughs and music. Could you spend a better buck? We played the Improv on the waterfront. Nice atmosphere and good grub - not to mention US! Check em' out.

We played the Coffeehouses.

The Meantime played the Community Coffeehouse located in the Community Hall at the Indiana Church of the Brethern. Performing material from the debut album "Long Shot" plus some new material from the upcoming CD! The evening is always a sucess and we will be planning future gigs there. Check the link for the address and check back for future dates!

We played 'Business Expo.'

The Meantime performed at the Indiana Mall in Indiana, PA. There were musical acts from all over the state and of all styles. It was a good time.